Feeding your fish

There are many different types of food available for your fish, all containing the right nutrition that they need in […]

Where to keep your rat?

Always buy the biggest cage you can afford, there are lots of cages available, but always make sure the cage […]


How to keep your Leopard Gecko healthy?

Leopard geckos don’t usually have any health issues provided you have given them all the love, care and attention that […]


How to keep your parrot healthy?

As with all pets always consult your vet if you are ever worried about your bird, they can become ill […]


Senior cat care

What happens when your cat becomes a senior? We love our cats, they’re part of the family and we always […]


Caring for your dog in old age

Your dog may still act like a puppy sometimes but inside your dog’s body is changing and may start to […]


Ear & eye care for dogs

Ears It is important to keep a check on your dog’s ears, when grooming your dog check the ears inside […]

wecome to pet care zone

Welcome to pet-care-zone.com

Welcome to pet-care-zone.com! We aim to make our site the one stop shop for all your pet care information needs. […]


Wish list for your leopard gecko

Vivarium Daylight bulbs Night time bulbs Canopy Thermometer Heat rock or heat mat with thermometer Feeding rock Live Insect food […]


Where do leopard geckos live?

A leopard gecko originates from India, so they are used to a hot, dry climate. In the wild they hide […]