How to handle your bird?

When you first bring your new bird home give it time to settle in before you start to introduce yourself.

Then start to gradually introduce yourself, you can do this by sitting next to the cage for a while without making any sudden movements, not to frighten your bird.

You can then start to offer your bird treats through the bars of the cage your bird will eventually get used to your hand and may even start to take food from you, once your bird starts to take food from your hand try and place your hand into the cage.

Always remember to shut the cage door after you have cleaned the cage because your bird may fly out of the cage and into the window.

You will need lots of patience with your bird as birds don’t become tame quickly.

Birds like to have company, so if you can house birds of the same species together, it would be great however if you are planning on training your bird to talk one bird would be fine, remember that some birds will never talk.

If you are just keeping the one bird it will need lots of attention and love from you, if you don’t think you have the time you need to give your bird lots of attention, get two birds so that they can keep each other company.

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